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hello everyone, i'm can wait, we're following breaking news and san leandro where two police officers were injured by a robbery suspect tonight. we were told that they were patrolling the greenhouse shopping center. is on the corner of washington avenue and welling boulevard. that is where the two officers, a male and a fern -- female, came across a robbery suspect. >> during the incident, the suspect ran from the officers and was able to get into his vehicle. the subject was able to start his vehicle and put it in gear. he was able to drive away with the officer still in the doorway of the vehicle. both officers sustained injuries from the vehicle running them over. >> both officers or the hospital. there is no update yet on the conditions, though the lieutenant said he was very concerned about the two officers. the suspect remains on the run tonight. police only have a vague
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description of him. they're working with safeway to see if there is surveillance footage of the suspects that they can make public. we're also following developing news. bar police are documenting a frightening attempted robbery. a woman said she was handed a note saying that there were to guns pointed on her. but it appears as though her thinking for the plot. we spoke to the woman on the telephone. >> the passenger who received the note says that she is a daily commuter in part. she told us her name is julie, 32-year-old employer the videogame employee sega, and goes by the twitter handle baby jewels. she said she was a bart at 4:45 looking down on her phone when someone behind her dropped a note on her lap.
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>> i didn't know who was behind me, i had no idea who this person was. or whether they had a gun or to guns.>> reporter: there were about 15 other people in the train car. she said she made eye contact with the person in front of her and melt the words help. >> i think you notice. he pointed to his phone. i believe that he was going to call the police. >> reporter: but the man got off the train, so julie said that she made a split decision.>> i was aware of the fact that he was within reach of the back of my head and my neck. i fell sideways and pretended to have a seizure or pass out. i could hear people asking if the girl was okay. but i seizure harder. people came over to help me and i showed them the note. >> in the commotion, she's looked up and said she saw who
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she believed to be the person who wrote the note. a middle-aged white woman with a rolling suitcase. on hair, dark clothing, who appeared to be a transient. art says it has working cameras on all of its trains and is now checking the footage. are police officers of already examined footage from the platforms and said they didn't see anything suspicious. march passenger said the incident is just another reminder to be aware of your surroundings. >> for her to fake a siege or get away from the situation, that is brave. that is a gamble. >> it's crazy, but it doesn't surprise me that happened. it is a major city, so stuff like that happens all over the place. >> public transportation for me, i have to watch my surroundings being a woman. have to know who was around me.>> reporter: bart says that it reviews footage from inside the train. if they can locate images of the suspect, they expect to release the footage sometime tomorrow. tonight, part
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police are also investigating a suspected unprovoked attack of a writer waiting for a train. was at the macarthur station in oakland. investigators say the victim was in the leg with a metal pipe for no apparent reason, but was not seriously hurt. this is a spec was taken into custody a short time later. that person is now facing charges of assault with a deadly weapon. one suspect is in custody and another still at large in an elder abuse investigation. police have identified the two suspects. 30-year-old shawn morris and internet bryant. there accused of stealing credit cards and checks from several residents of the senior living facility. police have arrested morris, but they're still looking for bryant. anyone with information on her whereabouts is asked to give the police a call. new at 11, 20 rolled sonoma state university student is facing felony dui, charges for allegedly causing a five car collision that someone person
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to the hospital. it happened last night at 7:30 pm at the intersection. investigators say that matthew riddell showed signs a he was under the influence of alcohol at the time of the collusion. one woman was taken to the hospital after complaining of head and neck injuries. president trump's effort to strike an immigration deal with democrats now appears to be attracting cautious support from lawmakers. last week, the president hosted representative nancy pelosi of san francisco at the white house. they discussed a possible deal to enhance border security. congressional leaders from both sides of the aisle are now taking a closer look at the so- called daca deal. >> we're going forward. we're going forward with the understanding that we can work with the white house to come up with an agreement that includes
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daca, that includes citizenship for those who are protected under the dream act, and also has a substantial commitment to increased order can -- border protection. >> i think the president has said publicly that there is not a deal. he wants to make sure that we protect the interest of american workers. they want to focus on a package of an offense for illegal immigrants. we want to put america's workers interests first. >> both sides say that any deal on daca will involve both. practical pressure and sanctions on north korea. the two leaders are trying to get the north to bring in and to its missile launches. both love" operation in response to the north korean regime. national security advisor, hr but astor, appeared on fox news sunday today and talked about the threat from north korea.
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this resume is to close now to threatening the united states and others with a nuclear weapon that we really have to move with a great deal of urgency on sanctions. on diplomacy. and on preparing, if necessary, a military option. >> he is set to address the general assembly for the first time since becoming president. among those expected to attend our emmanuel macron and others. united states may not be responding from the paris climate accord after all. european union officials say that he has offered to reengage if the agreement. other say that he will still move out of the deal unless it can be renegotiated. they met in -- canada to discuss the deal. they say that climate agreement cannot be changed at this point. the paris agreement includes
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190 countries with a goal of limiting fossil fuel emissions. some good news after the hurricane irma. some businesses are starting to open. it is a positive sign. people are starting to come home and restart the recovery process. right now, only residents are allowed in the area and they have to boil water before the jacket. debris remains everywhere throughout the keys, making getting around challenging. >> the hardest part is not enough electricity. and debris everywhere. there's a lot of garbage. to smell. there's a lot of seaweed that comes up and it is rotting and it stinks pretty bad.>> people there and the keys are being told to bring everything they will need. food, water, supplies, a car, a tarp, supplies. it remains closed as the harbor
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is still littered with sailboats and sunken vessels. the hurricane relief efforts continue here at home. dozens of dogs and cats rescued from texas are in the bay area tonight. the animals arrived and hayward executive airport this afternoon.>> reporter: dogs and cats from an emergency shelter in houston boarded a commuter plane. it was donated by local philanthropist to get the animals out of houston and into the bay area. five bay area animal shelters and rescues were waiting just to take them and care for them before their new families adopt them. the situation in houston after hurricane harvey is still desperate. >> it is still really bad. they're not getting coverage anymore, but what happened is that 80,000 people lost the homes. so if you figure that 10% of those people had dogs and cats, that is 8000 animals that are
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homeless. >> reporter: she says that animal shelters are still taking in pets who are flood victims and several are not well enough to travel out of the city and must be corn tuned. >> it is a contaminated area. there were some kitchens with flesh eating bacteria that were found near a sewage place. obviously, we do not transport them. there are a lot of diseases that you think you cannot get, but you can get. that's why the veterinarians are trying to take control of this to make sure everybody is safe. >> reporter: thousands of people are homeless after hurricane harvey. she says that she has seen the water recede in many areas, but homes are not habitable. veterinarians and activists are still likely to see more pets turned into shelters. we're told by the foundation it was here that the dogs are going to be headed over to the rescue center. they will get thousand and they will go to the foster families tonight. it is a hectic day for these dogs and for these cats. they say that the bay area really pulls together and tries to find homes for these animals and they don't think the
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animals will be homeless much longer. however, since a situation in houston is still so dire, they do think that more animals will be surrendered either owners out there and they will not be the last trip they have rescuing animals from houston. crews in the bay area search and rescue team are returning to menlo park from florida. they were sent to help the victims of hurricane irma in florida. just 30 minutes after fellow rescue team members returned from texas. task force traveled with 11 vehicles, seven trailers, and more than 60,000 pounds of search and rescue equipment. >> i can tell you from personal experience that it is so exciting to come back to your family and still have an adrenaline rush going, but it is really good to see her family and no that they are safe and okay. and to come home to them. to come home to your task force. >> the team is based at the menlo park fire protection district and includes crews from
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areas areas. an emotional homecoming for first responders after assisting hurricane victims and florida. 50 members of california's task force 4 landed in oakland international airport. they were greeted by family and friends. it is and elite search and rescue team from the east bay that include members from various fire departments. some of them responded to both hurricanes. that is when they wrapped up in houston, they were rerouted. >> it is rewarding to work together. i think this is day 11, so i'm super blessed and happy to see my family. >> in florida, they did great
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to grid searches. task force 4 had 80 members. the rest of the squad is driving back now with the fire equipment. coming up, investigation over one -- is coming up in france after a woman threw acid on for american tourists in france. whether think it is not terrorism. legislation aimed at holding credit firms like equifax accountable. the ceremony and how will help consumers. the last weekend of summer was a nice one out there. lots of sunshine. we're tracking the system to the north. or clouds, gusty winds, and maybe a few sprinkles. will talk more but the monday forecast coming up.
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some developing news, french police say that a bizarre attack against american women was not a terror attack, they threw acid into the face of the for women from boston college, two students were treated with burns to her face, and for shock. police arrested the suspect after the incident. british officials have lowered the threat level from critical to severe, after police arrested a second man overnight after the subway attack in london. a 21-year-old man was detained
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under britain's terrorism attack in west london, he has been questioned but not yet charged. yesterday and 18-year-old man was arrested outside of london, and people were hurt when a homemade bomb exploded on a subway train.>> we have to ensure that the materials that this man was able to collect, become more more difficult to combine together. we will always learn from these sorts of incidents. >> searches continue inside london, one of the home searched is linked to the arrest of that second suspect. more than 40 people have been arrested and protest in st. louis, after more demonstrations there tonight. the protest come after a judge acquitted former st. louis police officer jason stokley, who shot and killed anthony smith, 23 businesses were vandalized last night, and five
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police vehicles damaged. a comes after protests turn violent, injuring about a dozen police officers.>> i think it's wrong, i have nothing against people protesting, but they don't have to break windows. >> we should all be mindful, get your message out there, but do it peacefully.>> in downtown st. louis, some businesses boarded up their windows and doors in case there is more violence. minnesota senator al franken is working on legislation to hold companies like equifax how to count -- held accountable. our a security breach affecting over 140 million americans, a never-ending threat that will last the rest of their lives.>> this is a continuing, escalating, war, and it is in
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every space. >> reporter: members of congress talking the breach a reminder of the cyber security challenges we now face. senator al franken among a group of lawmakers introducing legislation holding data brokers accountable for security breaches. and allowing americans more control over their digital information.>> if a young person wants a career, i would say that cyber security will be a very secure career. >> reporter: the breach allowed hackers to still bash steel security numbers bash social security numbers, birthdates, and more. it will remain valuable for decades to come. >> that was jack high burger reporting. and armed robbery suspect shot and killed, they
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attempted to stop the suspect at the creek and he became uncooperative. the suspect was struck at least once, the suspect had an extensive and violent criminal web -- record, the officer has been placed on routinely. -- routine leave. monday and beyond, feeling like fall, perfect timing, fall begins on friday. as far as the plan for tomorrow, temperatures are expected to drop off, and the winds to pick up, they could easily top 20 to 25 miles per hour. temperatures only in the upper 70s, around the bay, and the coast mainly in the mid 60s. a lot to talk about in the tropics with the hurricane activity, hurricane maria, and josi, thankfully the core of josi remains offshore in the atlantic.
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the next storm of concern will be maria, a category 1 hurricane, moving west/northwest at 13 miles per hour. here is the forecast track. expected to become a major hurricane, eight category 3 -- a category three. could be out towards the puerto rico area by midweek. we will keep an eye on that track, that is approaching the u.s. moving up to the north and west. our satellite, showing clouds, some green showing up on the radar, a chance for a few sprinkles or a slight chance of a shower in the north bay, first thing tomorrow morning, lots of clouds and the possibility of drizzle out there. you might encounter some ret -- what roadways. temperatures in the upper 50s to 60s, a live camera, towards the bay bridge, san francisco in the distance. you will notice the winds
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picking up, increasing throughout the afternoon hours. 50s and 60s to start out your monday morning, tracking to systems, one for monday and one for wednesday, cloud produces for us, tomorrow will continue to cool off, clouds in the morning, skies becoming partly cloudy by the afternoon hours. tomorrow morning, overcast, a free sprinkles, -- a few sprinkles. shower activity will be up to the north. temperatures for tomorrow, 60s, 70s, no triple digits, no 90s, no 80s. the warmest locations will be the mid to upper 70s. five day forecast, partly cloudy on tuesday, system number two on wednesday, more clouds, a chance of a shower with that as well. fall begins on friday, and the weekend will be a fall -like weekend, beautiful weather, in
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the 70s and 80s. that reflecting -- refreshing feel. sports rap, just a few minutes away. >> jason and scott with what they are working on. the raiders ruled the jets, but marsh on on the sidelines, how close the head coach was to joining them on the sidelines. >> jason says there's no such thing as moral victories, but reason for optimism for the 49ers despite today's loss. checkup -- check out sports rap at 11:30. still at 11, a koala bear, details we come back.
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can you imagine someday robots might be are teachers and best friends or more, but until then, they can do pretty cool stuff period -- cool stuff. the national robot competition in china, teams with their inventions. they spin around, in wheelchairs, that you can control with brain waves. to ones that do kung fu. the technology is unpredictable, but it is certain that robots will play a key role. a koala had to be rescued after he became trapped in a car, it road next to the
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wheel for 10 miles, the person operating the four-wheel-drive didn't realize there was an extra passenger, until he arrived at his destination, and heard some unusual rise. after seeing the koala, he called animal rescuers, and they removed the wheel and save the guy or gal, and it suffered only superficial injuries. many streets in downtown santa fe were close, to make room for an annual pedal powered street party. the free event temporarily shuts down parts of san jose's streets, to explore the downtown area. it attracted people from both near and far. >> out here enjoying the sunshiny day, california, no traffic, three to close, just crews without any interruptions. a terrific day.>> similar to
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sunday street fairs in san francisco. about $140,000, and organizers are looking for partners to continue the cost -- split the costs and share it for next year. >> so much fun. thanks for joining us tonight, sports rap up next.>> joynes tomorrow -- join us tomorrow, and on our website,
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beast mode back in oakland, why the raiders were feeling crabby in the best possible way . the 49ers undaunted by the elements and why a valiant defensive effort wasn't quite enough. the oakland a's take the phillies to the mats while the giants enjoy some rare panda power so strap yourself in and do your happy dance -- or his happy dance. the sportswrap celebration is now . >> fox 2 nissan sports representative starts now -- sportswrap starts now. >> we have got a long way to go. we are just getting started .
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